Office A. Briatore is a creative practice, founded by the freelance creative director and brand consultant Alexandre Briatore.

Starting with a holistic strategy, up to the elaboration of concept, Alexandre Briatore develops creative solutions, providing scaffolds for others to build upon. Before working for studios like Another Slang (GER), Frank Studio (IT), and BAM Communication (GER), he has gained experiences from the industry fields of fashion, design, and culture, molding his sense for the visual and contextual way of communication. As a freelance creative, his expertise and knowledge in productivity start from creative direction to brand or communication strategy, with the aim to incorporate the physical with the digital.

His fascination and in-depth knowledge of modern cinema, minimal art, brutalist architecture and culture studies have greatly influenced his applied working methods, which come to bear in the creative discourse with clients and the creation of concepts. He examines the specifics of a product or service and then develops a profile that matches the brand’s character traits. In addition, he creates a narrative to emotionally charge the story, and at the same time pays attention to the visual components that give life to the final result.

Born and raised both in the French Riviera and North Germany – Alexandre Briatore returned to Milan in 2023, where he currently lives and works as freelance creative director and consultant for Vesper Milano (IT).


In the course of a collaborative process, clear goals and requirements are defined with the client, leading the project to long-term success. Subsequently, certain evolutionary stages such as Competitive Environments, Consumer Needs, Brand Positioning and Brand Personality are worked through thematically. The information gained from this analysis is used to define the project architecture, so that theory becomes practice.

When creating concepts, the focus is on identification and interaction between brand and consumer. Whether it’s a campaign, brand identity, digital experience or physical activity, creating a narrative is essential to not only tell the brand message and experience but also make it tangible. Here, attention is paid to a contemporary tonality and visuality, aiming to communicate with an audience that can be found between a digital and physical world.

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